“At the old Manseibashi station platform, the closest cafe and bar to a train in the world”

N3331 is pronounced “en san san san ichi” and is named by the split; “N” stands for “Nippon/New/Next, and the “3331” represents the rhythm of the Edo-style ippon-jime is a rhythmic hand clapping after special events is done. We are at the second floor of mAAch ecute is inside the renovated Manseibashi station. Dining at N3331, we personally thinks that it is closest to a train in the world as a cafe, and serve you high-quality japanese alcohole and seasonal garnishes for producing a new space in Tokyo.

Command-N has been involved in planning the renovation of old training school as new forms of Art Center 3331 plans and manages for N3331. Command-N went to collarborate with more than 80 art projects, more than 400 domestic and overseas artists, local people more than a decade, in Kanda area. As hubs of community art and experience, the food at crowded once the old Manseibashi station creats a hustle and bustle of the city on the stage.

More customers as a bustling base rooted in the region, without forgetting the “Omotenashi, spirit of hospitality” to the people and understand the concept of Akihabara and Manseibashi bridge from the Japan sake makes Japan culture into the world of the theme from our experience, visit the aim to place you can enjoy the space and services.

It is a cafe serves lunch also is casual and seasonal drinks, desserts, mainly, authentic sake at night or sometimes seasonal garnishes. It works also as an alternative space to deploy events and exhibitions of different artists.


Open Mon.-Fri. 11:00-23:00 Last call for food at 22:00/alcohol at 22:30.
Sun. and holidays 11:00-21:00 Last call for food at 20:00/alcohol at 20:30.

*1. During busy hours, we might ask you that there is time limit.
*2. The time of open is subject to change during long holiday season and the New Year holidays etc.

No regularly scheduled holidays
24 single table
All seats non-smoking

For reservation & private events available
We are sorry for congestion relief, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for lunch, any reservations are not accepted.

Parties or events are negotiable such as wedding reception, welcome and farewell party, birthday party, year end and new year party, DJ events, small performance, screening, please feel free to ask.
Expense: please ask us.
Equipment available: projector, microphone, speakers, mixer, amplifier
Design drawings: please refer to the attached sheet.
Contact: 03-5295-2788
* Please note that we are currently replying to inquiries in japanese only. We appologize for your inconvenience.


Cafe and Bar N3331 mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi
Cafe and Bar N3331 mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi-ten
1-25-4 Kanda-sudachou, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041
Phone & Fax: 03-5295-2788
Email: contact@n3331.com
* Please note that we are currently replying to inquiries in japanese only. We appologize for your inconvenience.